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  Refurbishing of your vintage hifi equipment

pièces détachées

refurbishing and repair service
electronique and cosmetic
  • Tube or solid state amplifier
  • Tube or solid state preamplifier
  • Tube or solid state preamplifier
  • Turntables
  • Loudspeakers
  • Loudspeakers
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surrounds repair
JBL LE8 (unit) 65,00 €
JBL LE10 (unit) 65,00 €
JBL LE14 (unit) 75,00 €
JBL LE15 (unit) 75,00 €
JBL 2121 (unit) 65,00 €
JBL 125A (unit) 65,00 €
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  Supply of spare parts and accessories
  Acoustic Research drivers
  Vinyl Parts and accessories
  Stereo multiplex decoder
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