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At the time when stereophony was at its beginnings,
F.M. tuners sold in the early 60' s were monophonic.
But most of them
were equipped with a multiplex output.

Thanks to this output you could then hear in stereophony
by adding a special device: the MPX multiplex decoder.
However, very few would be produced,
as transistorized stereophonic tuners
would be pointing their channels.

Thanks to the S12 decoder you can enjoy
the performances of a modern multiplexor with
an integrated circuit, while preserving the often excellent
musical quality of a vintage tube monophonic tuner.

Besides, the device has got a tuning level,
thanks to which you can adjust
the stereo decoding threshold
with much precision.
S12 multiplex stereo decoder 200,00 €
Guaranteed for two years,
parts and labour included.

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